How To Help Your Kid With 1st Grade Homework Problems: Expert Advice

It might seem like every parent should be able to help a 1st grader with homework, but with the new curriculum expectations, this is no longer the case. While the concepts are generally the same as when parents were in school, the way that students use those concepts has changed. For example, math in the elementary years is completed quite differently than it was completed just a few short years ago. Parents can do more damage than good when they use their methods to help their 1st graders understand their homework.

Talk to the Teacher

One of the best ways to help your 1st grader with homework is to talk to the teacher. Your child’s teacher should be happy to meet with you, especially if you want to help support the concepts that are being taught in the classroom. When you meet with the teacher, you can ask to be shown math methods as well as vocabulary development tactics, too. Then, you can use the same lingo in your home to support the learning in the classroom.

Attend Class to Learn

Another good way to learn how to help you child is to actually attend class. You do not have to pretend to be a student and sit in the tiny desks. Instead, you can volunteer in the classroom and learn indirectly. Most elementary teachers appreciate having an extra hand in the classroom, especially for those children who need more attention than a teacher can possible give. You can use this time to help the teacher and to learn about the different learning methods that are being used.

Check Out the Internet

You can also help by learning how to use the Internet. There is more to the Internet than just building websites and spending money. There are several academic websites that provide tutorials to help you understand the concepts in all of the school years. You can check out the textbook websites as well as other high quality websites that are designed to help students and their parents. If you are still trying to solve the math problem, you can try to find a video or the answer to the problem.

Do Your Child’s Work

No, this does not mean that you should cheat on your work, but you should do the work so you can learn to help your child. This might mean that you should do some homework of your own, so you know how it feels to take a high-stakes test under these stressful conditions.