Interesting Homework Ideas For Kindergarten: 10 Good Ideas

“Homework” is a great time for you and your child to spend some quality time together. It is so rewarding to watch your child’s eyes light up as they complete a homework assignment by themselves with just your supervision. I have included 10 of my favorite homework ideas that your child will love. A love of learning is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child.

  1. Look for all the alphabet letters in the newspaper or magazine. Have them increase their dexterity by using scissors to cut them out also. Then expand on the assignment by putting the letters in alphabetical order and then increase the difficulty by having them arrange the letters backwards.
  2. Favorite things book- I use index cards with a hole punched in one corner. Have your child find pictures of his favorite things like Mommy, Daddy, Dog, Cat, Ball, Bird, etc. Have your child glue the pictures on the card and then print the name below the picture. Your child will learn sight words and gain such pride in having his own book. Use a key ring to secure the corners of your child’s book.
  3. Guess what is in the paper bag- Put 5 items in a paper bag and have your child use his sense of touch to try to figure out what items are in the bag. For a great twist, let your child pick out some items and have you try to figure out what they are.
  4. Hide n Seek- Hide an object somewhere in your house. Have your child attempt to find it by asking you questions that you can only answer with a yes or no. This is a great language building activity as you use the words like Under, Over, Above, Below, Left, Right, etc. Expand on this assignment by having your child hide the object and have him answer your questions to help find the object.
  5. Memory activity. This wonderful activity can be purchased very inexpensively if you choose. A deck of playing cards can be used also. Begin with 10 cards, 5 sets of 2. Flip them over and take turns with your child as you try to remember where the matches are.
  6. Scavenger hunt- This can be done inside or outside. Ask your child to find certain things and put them in a bag. Examples may include collect 5 flowers or 4 pencils. Put a twist in it by letting your child decide what to look for.
  7. Rhyming Assignment- Increase language skills by taking turns thinking of words that rhyme.
  8. Simon Says- This old game is so valuable in a child’s mastery of language and following directions. Your child follows your direction as long as you say “simon says”. An example might be: Simon Says touch your finger to your nose. Your child “wins” if he follows your direction as long as you say Simon Says. The faster you go, the harder it is for your child.
  9. ”We went on a picnic”- this assignment includes active participation between you and your child. You basically create a list of what you may want to take on a picnic and every time you take a turn you add an item. For example, “We went on a picnic and took a blanket.” Your child would then say “We went on a picnic and took a blanket and some bubble gum. Continue adding items with every turn. This is a great memory game and teaches great language skills.
  10. How many pennies? This teaches beginning math skills and you can create so many different variations. Pick a number, for example 8. Give your child a bowl full of pennies and have them make 2 piles that add up to 8. As your child learns, have them make more sets that add up to a certain number. For example – the number 8 can have a pile of 4 and 4, and a pile of 6 and 2, and a pile of 3 and 4. Children love to play with pennies and have so much fun learning a fairly difficult concept of math to grasp.

Your kindergartener is like a sponge and loves learning. The most important gift you can give your child is the love of learning. The fact that it will bring you and your child closer is a priceless bonus.