2nd Grade Spelling Homework: 10 Quick Tips

Spelling homework is one of the main assignments that you will have to do in 2nd grade. When it comes to learning your spelling words, here are ten quick tips to help you complete the assignments successfully.

  1. Writing them three or more times
  2. Repetition is one of the easiest ways to remember things. You can write each of your vocabulary words three or more times each. The more times you write them, the faster you will remember how to spell them. You have to make sure that you are not just writing without thought. Read the letters in your head as you are writing them.

  3. Put them in sentences
  4. Use each one of your spelling words in a sentence. It always helps to remember how to spell it when the word is being used.

  5. Break it down by syllable
  6. Write down the words by syllable. You will break it down and learn each syllable at a time.

  7. Pyramids
  8. First write down the first letter of the word on the first line. Then on the second line, write the first and the second letter or the word. Then on the third line write the first, second, and third letter of the word and so on.

  9. ABC order
  10. Write the words in alphabetical order. You can do this in reverse as well.

  11. Spelling test
  12. Do a practice spelling test and then if you get some wrong you will need to write them each five times.

  13. Backwards
  14. You can write the words backwards and then forwards again. It will help you visualize what letters are in the word.

  15. Funny sentences
  16. Use the letters in the word to come up with a sentence using the letters as the first letters of the word. For example, if you want to learn how to remember how to spell “certain”, you sentence can be Curvy Elephants Ran To Auntie’s Indoor Nest.

  17. Story book
  18. Write a story with your spelling words. Try to incorporate all of the words.

  19. Word association
  20. Create an association to help you remember the word and how it can be spelled. You can do this by using pictures from a magazine. Cut them out and tape to a sheet of paper and then write the word next to it. The picture will help you remember the word and that will help you remember how it is spelled.