Homework Motivation Strategies That Really Work: A Brief Guide

Very often teachers seem to think that making homework is piece of cake. What can be so difficult?! You take your books, focus for a few hours and everything is done. Well, any student who spent a few hours in school knows that this is far from true. It’s not only difficult, but sometimes it can be a real problem to be able to study for even thirty minutes, not to mention a few hours. You tried a few trick to keep yourself motivated, but nothing seemed to work until now. Well, here is the advice that will change your way of study:

  • Plan everything. Especially when you have an essay to write, math exercises to solve and a physics project, you have to find a way to put them in order. Write down everything you have to do and find the order that works best for you. Some students feel accomplished if they start with the most difficult part, others prefer to divide all their work into smaller parts. Experiment with this and see in which situation you are more efficient and you focus better.
  • Use colors and pictures. Imagine you have to memorize a few pages for your history course that present a certain war. How many hours would this take? Now imagine that instead of reading, you watch a very interesting documentary on the same subject. Sure enough, you will memorize everything much faster and maybe even enjoy making research about this topic. You have to apply this principle for every course. Where you can’t watch documentaries, use colored markers, pencils, pictures and diagrams. Anything that will take out of boredom and make you study faster.
  • Find a colleague and study with him. When you are alone, everything seems dull and you feel isolated. On the other hand, if you do all this with one of your friends, you will finish before you even realize it. You can make a friendly competition on who finishes first, or you can exchange information about ideas and topics. A discussion is more useful than any book, because you will memorize involuntarily a few ideas. As a bonus, after you finished studying you can spend the rest of the afternoon together relaxing.
  • Make it easy. Why struggle with calculus when you can use an online calculator? Why search in an encyclopedia when you can just go online? Try to make everything simple and don’t complicate yourself for things that are not important.