Dealing With Lots Of Homework: Expert Tips For High School Students

Tons of homework at high school is a common thing. Many high school students face difficulties while trying to deal with everything. They don’t have enough free time, though it is important for teenagers. Here are some tips that will help high schoolers avoid nightmares of homework.

  1. Use a daily planner.
  2. A well-organized schedule for all homework is very useful. A student will know what and when to do. You should put down not only your home assignment, but also test dates, project dates and even important school events. Having all the information at hand will greatly save your time and nerves.

  3. Do only necessary things.
  4. You shouldn’t do more than required. Extra work can be rather troublesome, especially if you have other tasks to fulfill. Do extra in case you need some bonus credit.

  5. Do the hardest tasks first.
  6. Many students start their work from the easiest assignments. When turn comes to difficult tasks, students are tired and cannot deal with them. Do the most problematic homework, while your mind is still clear.

  7. Use folders.
  8. Place your subject materials into separate folders. This is your studying catalogue. Each folder will be like a quick-access button to a particular subject. All materials in one place can save time for doing something useful instead of searching them all over the room.

  9. Use a clock.
  10. Calculate an approximate time required for each subject and try to follow the timetable or you may end up cramming only one subject for a whole evening. Set an alarm clock, if necessary.

  11. Benefit from free time at school.
  12. Lunch breaks, free classes and the rest of free time at school are excellent opportunities to start doing your home assignment, thus you will have to do less, when you come home.

  13. Don’t get distracted.
  14. Watching a movie, writing to your friends on Facebook, listening to music are good things to do, but not when you have lots of homework. Put aside all your electronic gadgets, if you don’t need them. They are terrible distracters! You can always use them later.

  15. Take care of your health.
  16. If you are tired or have a headache, you should stop and have some rest. There is no sense in getting exhausted because of homework. If you are well, you’ll do the home assigment quicker.

  17. Reward yourself.
  18. After dealing with a subject, a little reward is possible: have a snack, check messages, take a walk etc. The reward shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes!