What Is The Purpose Of Doing Homework: An Expert’s View

Every year we can hear debates about how much homework a student should receive. Some specialists say that a large volume can make them stressed and depressed, while others state that this is a necessity. The point of view of students is very easy to guess: they would do anything to be free in the afternoon and to have some time for themselves. Well, most of the professors and education specialists reached to a conclusion. This is the purpose of doing homework:

  • Small children can learn how to write. This is one of the most important reasons why homework can not be eliminated. A 7 years old child will spend about 5 hours in school every day, and in this time he needs to learn much more than the letters. It is impossible to make him write in correct way if he does not practice at home. The same thing applies for simple calculus, that is very difficult for small students and it takes a lot of practice.

  • It develops the memory. Each student has at least 3-4 courses every day, and a lot to study for each one of them. No one can ask him to memorize everything in such a short time, therefore it is vital to have homework to help him learn. He will understand much better the information that he learned, and the second day he will be ready for any tests or assignments.

  • It teaches children to be independent. In class, the professor is always there to help the students. However, they will need to take exams where they are not allowed to talk with anyone. If they don’t know how to solve the exercises alone, without any help, they will fail in most of the tests. They will be stressed by the fact that they do not have support, and even the most easy subject will seem difficult.

  • It teaches responsibility. For many teenagers, homework is the only thing they have to do in the afternoon. Their parents do not ask them to make chores around the house because they know that he has to study. If we remove the homework, they will not be capable to become completely responsible. This is a very important quality that they need to develop since childhood, and the school takes care of this.