Searching For Mechanical Engineering Homework Help: 5 Places To Check

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering involved in application of concept of physics for manufacturing and maintenance of machines or devices. Mechanical engineers have to be thorough with principles of physics and mathematics to understand the subject. Like every student life, mechanical engineers too need help with their assignments scheduled for home. But more often than not we do not check places which can be of greater help.

  1. Textbook:
  2. The dusty book on the corner of the table is the best help in case of homework. The topics given are in detail and have examples. If the prescribed text book doesn’t work for you try self-help books on the subject. A practice paper and explanations are given to check and understand the subject. Self-help books might even have a similar question as the home assignment thereby saving a lot of time understanding the assignment.

  3. Online forums:
  4. The World Wide Web can be termed as the one stop shop for all information needs. Mechanical engineers can benefit from them by discussing with professors, professionals and fellow students a topic of interest and work to increase their knowledge on the subject. Forums even motivate students to learn better because they will have a topic to discuss and teach at the forum.

  5. Videos:
  6. Videos are a good way of learning without straining too much. Videos on subject topic engage the student to learn and implement immediately since the video can be restarted as required. In case of a homework the theory part or the graphical representation part can be learnt through videos. The videos are mostly free but there can be paid one as well. The paid one might also offer free homework assistance.

  7. Old assignments/submissions
  8. Assignments submitted by previous batch of students might help with the current assignment as well. While pursuing Mechanical Engineering the subjects do not change much hence the assignments are repetitive in nature. Previous assignments of old batch of students can be a guide on the procedure of the assignments or can simply work as a sample assignment.

  9. Extra Classes:
  10. Having difficulty in solving homework indicates lack of clarity on the subject hence, attending extra class to understand it better will do no harm. Instead one might make a study group at the extra classes and help each other out in their assignments. It’s a misconception that extra classes are for low brainers it is rather to discuss and understand a subject in depth.